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Training for Vasaloppet 2024 - doubts


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Hello to all!

Sorry but I don't speak Swedish but I would like to learn from the best (amateurs)!

I started xc skiing in winter 2021 after a life of sports.

I participate in some xc races, last year in Marcialonga i finished in 4h57 because someone stepped on my right ski detaching my binding so i lost 20/25 mins.

Now i'm currently training for Diagonela, Marcialonga and Vasaloppet '24.

Last year i rode on rollerskis (almost 4's) and skis for 359 hrs but very few long workouts (more than 2h30).

Now i'm riding again on 4's (where i live in Italy, it is mostly flat) 5 times a weeks, averaging 8-9hrs per week.

My goals for marcialonga and vasa are respectively sub 4h and sub 5h.

In your opinion, should I replace 1 rollerski session with 2 strength sessions at gym (i do some strength at home, like core and dips) or should i keep my schedule?



p.s. feel free to reply in Swedish, i will use google translate

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The the number of hours is relevant, but even more important is how you use them. What do you do during those hours? Is it mostly the same speed and distance or do you mix it up with intervalls and a variety of paces? 


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Spring, summer and early fall mostly distance and calm/medium speed.

November and december, due to heavy job hours, I will shift to more intensity and no more than 1h30 workout.

Unfotunately, I will ski from Christmas…

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